Keeping a Familiar Look

Keeping a Familiar Look

Whether you’ve seen our new Collagen bags or Whey and Casein canisters you may have noticed the update to our packaging. We’re always looking for ways to improve our packaging and this blog will detail how we did just that!

Updates to Levels Packaging Include: 

  • New Easy Peel Seal
  • Branded Cap
  • Branded Scoop
  • Branded Neckband
  • New Collagen Bag
  • New Whey Label Designs
  • New Casein Label Designs

Why Did We Update?

We wanted to transition our Collagen packaging from container to pouch to make it easier to store. We also wanted the overall aesthetic of the packaging of Collagen and Casein to be more in line with Whey, that is why we commissioned the illustration to Sabrina. 

About The Artist

Sabrina Hassler is an illustrator and artist based in Salzburg/Austria. She is experienced in multiple fields, including editorial, advertising, and children's books. She is particularly interested in mixed media illustration as well as combining analog and digital techniques.

Sabrina specializes in detailed pencil drawings of people and animals and creates adorable children’s book characters and striking portraits. When she’s not drawing, she likes playing the violin, exploring new places by bike, and taking photos.

She also has a passion for sharing her knowledge with other creatives who are looking to develop their drawing skills. She posts step-by-step tutorials on her blog and shares tips on her Instagram.

Check out her instagram @sabrillu_