The Resurgence of Beets & Why You Should Eat Them

The Resurgence of Beets & Why You Should Eat Them

For many years beets have been recognized to be an outstandingly nutritious and tasty food in many cultures across the world. Beets can be eaten in many ways and nutritionists confirm that beets contain an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals. 

Beets promote mental agility

Beets can be instrumental to promote mental agility. Studies show that beets are rich in antidepressant substances such as betaine. In addition to that, beets are capable of relaxing the mind while generating a feeling of wellbeing thanks to the specific substance it contains called tryptophan. They have also proven the ability to normalize the blood pressure.

They provide greater amount of energy

It is true that beets contain naturally occurring sugar. However, the sugar in beets is not released into the system abruptly as with other sources of sugar. However, beets contain a minimal amount of calories; you don’t find many foods like this. In this case beets become an exceptional addition to your meal plan. Those who are engaged in physical activities such as fitness, sports etc. can consider beets as one of the main energy sources due to this characteristic.

They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals

Beets are recognized to be a rich natural source of many vitamins and minerals. They contain Vitamins A, B & C and other essential substances such as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, fiber etc. In addition to that, your body will be supplied with beta-cyanine and folic acid when you consume beets. The list goes on and on in this magical food. Since beets are rich in Vitamin B and iron, they are recommended for expectant mothers; both Vitamin B and Iron are substances that can promote the growth of new cells during the pregnancy.

Beets are a great cleansing agent

Apart from all the nutrients and taste they offer, beets are a wonderful cleansing agent. Beets have a great ability to work as a cleansing agent and purify the blood. Due to this cleansing ability, beets can actually help you preform better through your daily routine.

They are a rich source of nitrates

Beets are considered to be one of the richest sources of nitrates. Foods that are high in nitrate increases the nitric oxide levels of the body. In fact, Nitric Oxide is regarded to be one of the most essential elements particularly for men’s well being. Nitric Oxide is capable of maximizing the blood flow and promotes cardiovascular health. In simplest terms Nitric Oxide makes your body to engage in physical activities in an easier and more dynamic manner.