Why Women Should Add Whey Protein Into Their Diet

Why Women Should Add Whey Protein Into Their Diet

Out of all the different types of protein in the health supplements market, whey protein is believed to be the most effective and affordable. Many women feel that whey protein is used by men only looking to bulk up but this couldn’t be more of a myth. Women can take advantage of protein powder and make gains, too! If you’re a woman interested in learning more about the benefits of whey protein, read on to find out about its benefits and whether it is right for you. 

Whey is the liquid part of milk, taking up about 20% in milk. After going through a wide range of processes, whey protein is turned into powder and can be consumed more easily. Research has shown that whey is one of the most digestible protein types and contains all of the 9 essential amino acids that your body needs. Your body cannot create these amino acids so they need to be gained through the food you eat. Based on your personal goals, you can use whey protein in different ways to reach your personal fitness goals! 

For women who hit the gym a lot but are struggling to see muscle tone, try whey protein! The abundant amino acid supply in whey protein helps our muscle grow faster and as a result, the shape becomes more prominent. Even if you are not training for more visible muscle, having healthy lean muscle mass is beneficial for women throughout their lives and the use of whey protein can help to preserve that muscle. 

For women who are looking to lose weight, whey protein can be a good tool to accelerate your weight loss process. Studies have shown that people whose consumption of protein up to 25% of their daily calories have lower cravings of snacks. Whey protein, in particular, is proven to reduce ghrelin, which is a type of hormone that causes you to feel hungry. By taking whey protein you are less likely to feel the hunger and can get to your weight loss goal more quickly. 

Scientists also suggest that women who are active or trying to lose weight may consider adding more protein to their diet since they need it to keep their muscles strong and speed up metabolism. Thus, mixing whey protein powder to your diet can be an effective way to boost your workout results, no matter if it is training to bulk up or lose weight!

Even if you do not have a fitness related goal to accomplish, you can still add whey protein to your diet. For example, if you find it difficult to eat more protein during your busy workday, try mixing whey protein into your regime! Just add a scoop of whey protein powder to your smoothie or pancake batter and you can get 24 grams of protein easily! This is also a good way to keep your calorie intake low but still getting enough protein for the day. For vegetarians, whey is a great source of protein as it is more effective and digestible than plant-based protein. 

With the help of whey protein, women can achieve their fitness goals more effectively and complement their busy lifestyles.