Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Tips For Older Adults

Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Tips For Older Adults

What are the benefits of exercise for older adults?

It's never too late to start exercising and begin a healthy eating plan. For many, physical activity becomes less frequent as we age. Older adults are 67% less likely to die of any cause if they are moderately or vigorously physically active for at least 150 minutes per week [*].

Here are our best health and fitness tips for older adults:

1. You don't need expensive fitness classes

There are plenty of ways to get active that don’t cost a dime. Take your fitness journey outside or try some home workouts.

2. Start the day strong

Start your day with a protein shake. Add protein to a fruit smoothie for a refreshing breakfast! Protein helps fight age-related muscle loss and is one of the most important nutrients for older adults.

3. Don’t be afraid of minor soreness

You might feel some aches and pains after the first workouts you do, but your body is just getting used to the new movement.

4. Slow Down and Enjoy

Give your body time to recognize when you’re full. By practicing more mindful eating you will be able to better understand what your body really needs. Plus, you’ll be able to appreciate the flavor of your food more.

5. Focus on good form

Getting the form of the movement right will help you prevent injury. The better your form the better your results – run faster, lift more and jump higher when you do it right.

6. Grab a friend

It is much easier to stay motivated when you use the buddy system on your health journey.

7. Shop like a pro

When it comes to healthy eating, it is much easier to stay on track when you have a plan to tackle the grocery store.

8. Have a snack ready

Having fruits and veggies prepped in the fridge for midday snacking makes you more likely to reach for healthy options when you feel hungry.

9. Be patient

You will not be an expert on what works for your body when you just start. Be kind to yourself, and listen to what your body needs.

10. Reward Yourself

Treat yourself without guilt. Try this Strawberry Protein Banana Bread!

Physical fitness and good health are essential for everyone, no matter how old you get.