How to Power Through Daylight Saving Time

How to Power Through Daylight Saving Time


‘Spring Ahead’ is such a positive sentiment but the time change can be detrimental to our already sleep-deprived society. To combat morning fatigue and Daylight Saving Time ‘jetlag’, give our six tips below a try!

Get out in the sun
Get out into the sun early every morning this week even if it’s for 10-15 minutes. Walking, jogging, or even sitting outside with a cup of coffee can help boost your morning and get you back on track. Early morning light can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm and you’ll feel less groggy as you power through your workday.

Upgrade your coffee
Although you might be reaching for that extra cup, try to upgrade your morning coffee with a teaspoon of MCT Oil to improve your energy levels and cognitive function and boost your mood (your coworkers will thank you). 

Get active outside
Take advantage of the sunlit mornings and get back into morning workouts. The shorter and darker days of winter can have an effect on your energy levels, but gradually adding in morning workouts can boost your energy and balance your mood so you can take on more during the week.

Freshen up your bedroom
With the change in time and seasons, March is a great time for a bedroom refresh. Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, so optimize your space for just that. Refresh your bedding, get a new pillow, add in a new plant, or even update your window treatment.

Add Collagen Peptides before bed
Collagen Peptides have so many health benefits and great sleep is one of them. Experts recommend taking a serving of collagen about an hour before sleep. Collagen mixes well in hot beverages like tea or decaf coffee. The glycine in Collagen Peptides can help you get to sleep quicker and promote deeper sleep so you’ll feel less sluggish the next day.

Get some screen downtime
Taking a break from screens - we know, it’s easier said than done. Ease yourself in gradually by starting with 10-15 minutes of screen downtime before bed and build up. Cutting some screen time can help you be more present in the moment, sleep better and you’ll feel less groggy tomorrow.