Where Do Vanilla Beans Come From?

Where Do Vanilla Beans Come From?

Where It Grows

Vanilla is all about location. Being one of the pickiest plants on the planet, it only grows about 10-20 degrees north and south of the equator! Because of that, vanilla extract comes to us from Madagascar but it can also be found growing in Mexico and Tahiti.

Processing and Preparing Vanilla Beans

The process of preparing the vanilla beans is a long one and can take farmers up one month to finish. From harvesting to air drying, cultivating vanilla requires skill, and these skills are often passed down from generation to generation within farming families.  Vanilla doesn’t always have that signature aroma and look - it is developed through the process of curing and drying. The beans are blanched in hot water and are then placed in closed containers to “sweat”. On alternating days for up to one month, the beans are air-dried and then place in containers to continue the curing process. After this process is done, 5-7 pounds of vanilla beans will be needed to procure one pound of finished vanilla!

Our Vanilla Bean Whey Protein is inspired by the natural aroma and taste of vanilla. Combined with monk fruit and stevia to make the perfect amount of sweetness; vanilla makes a great match with coffee, milk, or as a base for smoothies.